Hilo Plaza Building

First Floor

Retail Services

Hope Inc. already occupies the 2940 square feet here on the ground floor.

Hawaiian Licks (Vegan Ice Cream) has leased 1512 square feet for a certified cold kitchen delicatessen with a 1000 and an additional 700 square feet for other retail services

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3rd Floor

Professional Offices

Currently there is an accountant office, Financial office and Property manager. There are two offices available: an office that has a floor area of 2500 square feet and there is another 1750 square foot office available at this time. These larger offices need some interior finishing and/or build outs and rents may be abated while the infrastructure is under construction.

Suggested Common Area Maintenance is suggested at    $ .50  per square foot

Suggested Base Rent can be calculated at                        $1.00  per square foot

                                  Total Rent per square foot is             $1.50 per square foot

We are offering a tenant build out allowance equal to the "Base Rent" portion of rent until a recovery of out of pocket expenses can be agreed to by each party.

To maintain a consistent base rent of $1.00 per sq. ft. cost of common area improvements will be Bourne by the lessee with a majority vote of lessee's.

Floor Plan.

2nd Floor

Professional Offices

At this time, the 2nd floor is fully occupied. This floor has  attorney offices, psychologists, medical training facilities, independent living counseling, alarm company and internet providers with fiber optic and high speed connectivity.