A few more Recent Additions.

Exterior Complements

Contributing to downtowns Hilo's restoration efforts, the Hilo Plaza Building is currently being renovated to its original grandeur, offering amenities and contemporary conveniences for the professional and it's customers.

As the building leases up there will be a pragmatic cosmetic effort made to the exterior and improve it's curb appeal.

Hilo Plaza Building

Situated in the heart of Hilo's downtown area, this three story concrete and steel building constructed in the late 1960's with a complement in excess of 17,000 square feet of usable retail and professional office space situated above the tsunami inundation zone is quite unique for it's location,

The idea to implement and designate a portion of the building as a technology center has come from a collaboration of potential businesses looking for facilities with the infrastructure which includes 125 cable fiber optics in addition of 600 copper phone lines. We are reserving the 1500 square foot delicatessen to compliment the ground floor retail services.

There is also are a number of other local businesses that can benefit by creating services and promoting goods for our local community. The goal for the Hilo Plaza Building is to help promote these types of businesses that can benefit and prosper here in Hilo.

I honestly believe that businesses can be successful by adapting, understanding, utilizing the available resources which are unique only here in Hawaii and by adapting a sustainable lifestyle we can definitely prosper.